We made it! Ride across Britain 2015

IMG_7103.24.09We made it! 9 days – 966 miles. Lots of sweat, tears and very sore bottoms!

On September 5th Ken Adams and Lee Batten will start their epic journey cycling from Lands Ends to John O’Groats, a gruelling 966 miles over 9 days with only a tent to sleep in at the end of each day. They will climb around 15,000m of hills, that’s around 13 times up Alpe d’Huez or almost twice the height of Everest!
Training for this challenge has not been easy and has taken massive dedication from both Ken and Lee as they cycle relentlessly to rack up the miles in preparation. They have sore bottoms, aching limbs and the thought of being in the saddle for about 8 hours each and every day is mind blowing but, they are determined to take this punishment to raise money for such worthy causes. As they struggle each day of this journey Ken and Lee will be encouraged by the fundraising efforts to stop 32 people dying in the UK, every day, from blood cancer.